What is "the Hunt"?

"The Hunt" is a haunted scavenger hunt through haunted locations in Eastern Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island.  It will begin on the 9th of October and run through our favorite spooky holiday All Hallows Eve. The best part of it,  you can start it anytime and finish anytime.  That's right... once you register for The Hunt,  you have any time of day and or night to proceed with the adventure.

Heres how it works:  We have chosen 11 very specifically haunted locations.  Once you register for The Hunt you will be given your first clue.  Your job is to listen to the video we provide and or story and find the location.  Sounds easy right?  Think again!  Once at the location, you must find the QR code hidden there.  That QR code gives you access to your next clue.  Each QR code found gives you 1 entry into our Grand Prize Lottery. You can do the entire hunt, or stop anytime you want.  The best part is you can also continue The Hunt anytime you want.   
What happens if I cant figure out a clue you might ask?  There will be a cheat button for those of you that need it...
Also, there is no location more than 20-25 minutes from the next. 


TERMS & HUNT RULES (the Dos and Don'ts):

  • The Hunt was designed as a COVID safe Halloween Charity event benefiting Melissa's Wish.
  • All locations are open to the public both during the day and the night. 
  • Please be advised some locations involve short distance walks on wooded paths and plan your "hunt" accordingly especially with younger children.
  • Please be respectful of ALL places you visit.
  • Please do not litter or vandalize property.
  • Please be courteous to others you may meet during your experience, even the ghosts.
  • Please do not damage or remove the QR codes from their locations- we will be watching.
  • QR codes will be located at each location and may not be in plain sight, you may have to look for them a little so pay attention to the clues.
  • Each time you find a QR code it will take you to your next clue and a button to " claim my entry".  You will then receive an email confirmation which will also contain a link to save your place if you should decide to do The Hunt over multiple days.
  • There is NO time limit. You may start The Hunt as early as October 9th and continue until the event ends on October 31st.
  • Please do not spoil The Hunt for others by posting up information and or clues you may already have found.
  • Most important have a spooky good time and stay safe!
Due to the nature of the event, being a charity, there will be no refunds issued.

We Thank you for your participation in our event.

** Please be advised that some of the videos may be scary or contain some language not suitable for young children, we ask that parents please supervise accordingly.**

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