Help Fund the Haunt

help fund the haunt

Funding a community service project of any kind can be a daunting task.  Every year since 2012 The Pernice Family has been putting together a community Halloween Event with ALL donations going to charity.  The family has absorbed ALL costs which have included sets, props, lighting, audio, costumes and makeup and of course hours and hours of volunteer time to work the event.  This year we are looking for help in funding the event.  Our goal is to raise money to fund the event through personal donations and corporate sponsorship.  We are also looking for volunteers this year to help with set building, acting, ticket sales and such.  

This year is very personal for us.  Our 11 month old cousin, Grant Gibbens, has been diagnosed with leukemia.  No one should EVER have to suffer through cancer, but to watch a baby spending his first birthday in a hospital receiving chemo therapy, is the most gut wrenching experience we have ever known.  We have posted for prayers on local websites like the Massapequa Moms, whose support and love through this time has been overwhelming.  Both Jessica and John Gibbens, the baby's parents, are healthcare providers who have devoted their lives to helping others.We have seen what they are going through trying to keep their heads above water while medical bills pile up, and, at the same time being there for their baby.  This has renewed our faith in organizations like The Ronald McDonald House which are dedicated to helping families like Grant's have a place to stay during times of cancer treatments and offering support through those horrible times. (

This year we would like to build our charity haunt in the hopes of raising money for The Ronald McDonald House.  Community events like ours help bring families together while spreading awareness about incredible programs such as this and helps to raise money to support them.  

Please consider donating whatever you can to help make our event a successful one.  If you can't donate a dollar amount, please consider an in-kind donation or hit up our volunteer page and help us during our event.  

Its times like this, where communities work together, that makes great things happen.

Thank you 

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