The Story

From the Amityville Horror House, the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Ward, to the legends of the "bottomless" Lake Ronkonkoma,  the unexplained and stories of the paranormal have become synonymous with growing up on Long Island.  It only makes sense that a place like this would exist in one of our own communities.  Hidden among the beautiful homes and children's laughter, there is an evil that lurks in one of our own towns.  It hides all year long but as All Hallows Eve gets closer, the evil grows and gets all the more difficult to conceal itself.  As the evil peaks, it rears its ugly, frightening self to all that are brave enough to face it.  

Years ago the Village of Massapequa Park belonged to several tribes of Indians.   The Indians were mostly peaceful, worshipping the land and air and nature. However, there was one tribe that was said to have been obsessed with ancient native witchcraft and black magic.   They wanted to rule all of the other tribes and were disposed to do anything they could to do so.   They performed blood rituals and human sacrifices, worshipping and conjuring all things dark and evil.  Much like the settlers from Roanoke,  this Indian tribe was said to have completely vanished.  It is believed that on All Hallows Eve, during one of the tribe's uhallowed rituals, the gates of Hell opened up and consumed the entire tribal clan, who were never to be heard of again.  Of course, this is an old legend; Or is it?

There is a house in the Villiage of Massapequa Park that is said to be close to the area this all took place.  Every year, as Halloween approaches, there are evil entities that pervade and seem to grow more depraved day by day.  Whether you are taking your evening stroll, walking your dog, or just out for a jog or bike ride, the feeling you get when you pass this house is more than just unsettling.  Ironic that every year this house has a big "halloween event".  It draws people from all over who come to encounter its terror and menacing spirits. This year, they are taking people on a walk through tour of this evil domicile, so that they can experience, first hand, the horror like never before.  "Only the brave will enter", they say.   Most people don't know the story of what really happened here.... but now you do... I mean it's all just a legend.....right?



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