Welcome to the Cemetery of Lost Souls


However if you still want to visit the 2020 hunt locations, click here to see all the clues and locations.


Why is there no haunted house? And what's with "the Hunt"?

Due to COVID-19 we felt that our haunted fans might feel more uncomfortable than normal to walk through a haunted house with other people.  That being said we still wanted to provide our patrons and donors with something to do keeping in the Halloween spirit and still raise money for a great cause. That's when we decided to do a haunted scavenger hunt.  The Hunt is a COVID safe way to still get the scare you love without risking the health and safety of your family and friends. 

Most Long Islanders have heard the rumors of all the paranormal activity that has been happening over the years in our own backyards.  Legendary evil like Suffolk counties own Amityville Horror House, (112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville)  and the evil presumed satanical Massapequa Hell House (214 Daniel Rd. in Massapequa) have attracted thousands of onlookers through the years, but would you be surprised to know there are so many more?  The Hunt, as we have come to call it, was developed to take you on a frightening but thrilling adventure into the unknown filled with stories to keep your nightmares flowing. 

What is "the Hunt"?

"The Hunt" is a haunted scavenger hunt through haunted locations in Eastern Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island.  It will begin on the 9th of October and run through our favorite spooky holiday All Hallows Eve. The best part of it,  you can start it anytime and finish anytime.  That's right... once you register for The Hunt,  you have any time of day and or night to proceed with the adventure.

Heres how it works:  We have chosen 11 very specifically haunted locations.  Once you register for The Hunt you will be given your first clue.  Your job is to listen to the video we provide and or story and find the location.  Sounds easy right?  Think again!  Once at the location, you must find the QR code hidden there.  That QR code gives you access to your next clue.  Each QR code found gives you 1 entry into our Grand Prize Lottery. You can do the entire hunt, or stop anytime you want.  The best part is you can also continue The Hunt anytime you want.   

What happens if I cant figure out a clue you might ask?  There will be a cheat button for those of you that need it... Also, there is no location more than 20-25 minutes from the next. 

This year's charity will be Long Islands' own Melissa's Wish.  Many of you may remember it from last year's Museum of Fears.  Melissa's Wish is a 501(c)3 that helps Long Island families in need to help pay non-medical expenses when they have an ill family member.  It is a GREAT charity and has become very close to our hearts.  This year's Grand Prize will be 2 tickets to Melissa's Wish's Incredible Gala in May 2021 with the guest of honor no other than Long Island's own Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.  It is sure to be an amazing evening. 

The cost of registration is $10 per email with ALL proceeds being donated directly to Melissa's Wish.  

Have Fun and Happy Haunting !!!


Photo Downloads

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This year we will bring the community a new experience with a COVID SAFE Haunted Scavenger Hunt. 

We will be presented by H.O.L.I. again next year and they will be providing some extra marketing to bring more patrons. WBAB will be onboard again as well as our founding company Studio Psyclone.  

Special thanks to our past sponsors